maravilla studios
maravilla studios

Maravilla Scarf (Calligraphy Black)

completely made by hand, from start to finish. As it is a product of ‘taking time’.

The design calligraphed with ink, the merino wool spun and woven, the colours mixed and then screen printed, all by hand.


The textile is constructed with a traditional weaving technique, still mastered by the Nepalese people in Kathmandu. 

The finish of our scarves is a technique where extra yarns are locked with an additional threat at the end of the textile. Creating a unique finish in wool products. 

As these scarves are completely made by hand, products will vary from each other. Details in this scarf can have some imperfect perfections. 

Irregularities in the textile will appear through wear, handle your purchase with care.

Cold handwash prefer your dry cleaner or just let it catch a fresh breeze. No Bleach. 


A special thanks to Moko Fair Design for assisting in the production process.