maravilla studios
maravilla studios

‘Niks meer aan te doen’ Skateboard

Ceramic skateboard, lettered by hand with engobe underglaze and a transparent glaze finish.


Dancing Skateboards
Collab w/ Maaike Kalkhoven

2023, Ceramics

The material from which an object is made tells you how to use it. This is how a skateboard, made of wood in different layers, says that it should be used over and over again and is allowed to wear layer by layer. Your feet cannot stand next to each other, but one in front of the other.

Maaike Kalkhoven was inspired by these material choices, and deprived the functionality of the object by changing the material.

The various ‘Dancing Skateboards’ tell us that you can look at them, attentively and carefully. Sometimes they want to be turned or change position so that the letters change until words can form and the words reveal a sentence.

Yasmine van Maasakker (Maravilla Studios) explores in her work the theme around ‘taking time’. Calligraphy, a meditative craft, is a practice in which it must slow down, it requires precision and attention. In her work, the shape of the letter is the starting point, due to which the legibility and the meaning of the letter are lost.
It pays attention to the craftsmanship, details and material. The two sentences on the skateboards are, once deciphered, like mantras that help slow down or calm down: ‘for a day tomorrow’ and ‘everything is different again’

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